Parent Feedback



"Massive support! The amazing variety of groups available has helped my ** development and key skills.  Also his very sociable personality is definitely branced from the sessions we attended, from bringing him from an early age to do courses such as baby massage/yoga and him socialising with other children. Thank you"

"No words will ever describe how thankful and grateful we are for the groups in New Addington. **developed so well and loved evey single playgroup especially Chatterbox and Cooking Club.  Thank you for all you do for our community."

"Meeting other mums in a relaxed atmosphere is the highlight of the session"

"Very happy and friendly staff.  Keeps the children interested and actively joining in with the others"

"My son and I really enjoy Jumping Beans and Messy Play. He has lots of fun and I can see his social skills devloping. The sessions have been very valuable for me and my child"

"The session allowed my son to taste foods he would often refuse at home. He loved taking his 'Makes' home to share with Daddy"

                                 Cooking Cubs