Croydon Best Start


Croydon Best Start is a multi-agency model for improving universal and early intervention services from pregnancy until the child reaches five years old.  The aim is for every baby, child and young person to be equipped with social and emotional skills and resilience to maximise their life chances, enabling them to realise their potential.

Best Start children's centres offer services, activities and support for families with children under five.  They are open to all and you do not need an appointment to come along.

Most activities, apart from childcare, are either offered free or at a small cost.

What will you find in a children's centre?

Every centre is unique and provides a wide range of services and activities you might need as a parent or carer with a baby or young child, for example:


  • health services like breastfeeding support, baby clinic, nutrition and post natal groups

  • drop-ins and 'stay and plays' for parents and carer to bring their babies and children to play

  • jobs, careers and training information for parents and carers who are thinking about looking for work

  • childcare and/or early education