Activity Blurbs

 Stay and Play

                    All ages welcome (4 and under).  This group is designed for children to develop their imaginary skills with a wide range of toys available to them.  Arts and crafts, garden play, water and sand play.  A great opportunity to play with your child and for your child to make friends.


Baby Group   (0-6 months   &   6-12 months)

                                                          Two fantastic groups for parents with babies, from birth  to six months and six months to 12 months old.  Great opportunities to meet other parents and share your experiences.  Age appropriate activities along with singing, instruments and nursery rhymes. (Follow on group is Toddles 1-2 years).



          From 1 to 2 years. A fun group which supports little ones development with age appropriate activities.  Your little one will have the opportunities to explore a wide range of sensory play which helps to develop, speech and language skills along with making friends.

Baby Massage

                                        Learn how to massage your baby whilst helping strengthen baby to parent communication, boost self esteem and confidence in parenting, relax both parent and baby, improve attachment and bonding, relieve wind and colic and constipation and reduce crying.  This 5 week course is delivered by a qualified Baby Massage Instructor.  

School Readiness

                       This session follows a set routine and structure similar to what you would find in a nursery. We have set activities to help learning. We provide home learning resources with this session.


Messy Play

               Children are given opportunities with a variety of materials to build imagination and creativity. Through sensory experiences, they are able to respond to what they see, hear, feel, touch and smell. They will express their feelings and thoughts through colour, texture, shapes. The sensory experience enables them to understand how things feel, smell and taste and it supports their physical development. Messy play fosters your child’s curiosity, imagination.


Jumping Beans

                                         A physical play session with a variety of apparatus and balance beams to encourage a whole range of movements while supporting children’s balance and co-ordination.


Tiny Talkers

                            A structured session with the opportunity to speak to a member of staff regarding communication concerns.



               Bookstart Corner is a 4 week program (one 45 minute session each week). Age 2-4 years and their parent/carers. During the session we make reading fun by using props and getting the children to make their own. All children will receive free books and activities to take home.